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This month’s BOOM! profile is Kim Hendrix. Kim has now joined the 50+ Community but she shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, she has just taken on a new challenge as the Director of Media Ministries at her church, Frazer Memorial UMC. Her years in the media spotlight at WSFA will no doubt be beneficial as she leads Frazer to discover new and innovative ways to share the Gospel through today’s media outlets. Sharing the Gospel is an important part of who Kim is and many of you have experienced her Christian leadership through her writing and conferences. As a fiftysomething parent, Kim especially understands the dedication and commitment it takes to help Annie, her daughter, find her way into adulthood. Of course, her husband Scott has an equal role in this parenting adventure!  Hope you enjoy getting to know Kim as much as we have.


BOOM!: Please give us a brief biography, i.e. where you’re from, education, what brought you to the Montgomery area, did you raise your family here, schools, married, family, etc?

Kim: I’m a Texas girl who found her way to Montgomery in search of a better job in television news.  I moved here in 1990 after getting a job offer to join the team at  WSFA-12-News. 

After graduating from The University of Texas with Journalism degree, I stepped right into reporting the news at KJAC-TV in the Beaumont/Port Arthur, Texas market, where I remained for 5 and a half years.  It was a great place to start a career in broadcast journalism because you had to do it all!  From writing and editing to assignments, producing, reporting and anchoring!  We were dog last in the ratings and that made us hungry to work hard and strive for more—we were all young and broke, right out of college and I loved it! 

About a year after moving to Montgomery, I met Scott Skoneki through a co-worker at WSFA.  My husband likes to say the Atlanta Braves brought us together because we often gathered with a group of friends to cheer on the great Braves teams of the early 90’s.  Before we knew it, this group of friends began pairing off and we did the same—getting married September 16, 1995.  Scott and I were blessed to have our only child, Annie in 2000.  She attended Frazer Kindergarten before starting first grade at Saint James School where she’s been ever since!  Now she will enter high school in the fall at STJ, playing volleyball and basketball and enjoying time with her friends in every way possible.

We get to Texas at least two or three times a year to spend time with my side of the family, as they all still live in the Lone Star State.  Thankfully, Scott has family here in Montgomery and Auburn as well as in Orlando, Florida.

  You have been a Christian leader in the River Region for many years now, including writing for Journey Magazine and leading the Shine Your Light Ministry at Frazer. Would you please share your Christian journey with our readers and your calling to serve God? What are some of the blessings and challenges of being a woman in ministry?

Kim: My faith and desire to share His love with others is born both out of being raised in a Christian home and suffering extreme tragedy.  I was raised in the Methodist church and went through confirmation in 7th grade like so many other teens, but I can remember thinking, “I don’t get it.”  I went through the motions and believed in Jesus Christ but didn’t truly understand what it meant to have a personal relationship with our Savior.  So I would say I went through my teen and college years having a surface relationship with God and because of that, when tragedy struck, it consumed me and I didn’t know God’s promises well enough to turn to Him.

Boom-Cover-Kim-and-JohnEdMy mother, who was all things good—kind, fun loving, gracious, humble and beautiful in every way, suffered with depression for 10 years before taking her life.  This extreme loss happened a few weeks before my graduation from college.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but instead of having a strong faith and running to God for comfort, I took all of that pain and pushed it down, and attempted to go on with my life.  This became a huge stronghold in my life, a huge wall blocking God’s greatest blessings.  I still experienced good days and happiness, but realize now it was by no means the deep joy and peace I could have known. 

After having Annie, I realized that I needed to talk with someone about my pain and sadness over losing my mom so I could share all that I loved about her with my precious daughter.  At that point any mention of my mom, just brought tears and I couldn’t really talk about it.  That’s when God brought a precious woman into my life.  I decided to take a Bible study at Frazer, not necessarily to overcome the pain with my mom, but just to grow—you see I had never really connected the two.  I guess I thought I would grow in His word and someday find a way to cope with the pain of losing someone you love.  Thankfully the two are very much connected.  The facilitator of our study, Susan Fisher, came to me at the end of our session and said she knew I was searching for healing and she would love to help.  She took the time to walk me through the Beth Moore study, Breaking Free, just the two of us, and that time in His word broke me free of this stronghold I had been carrying around for 19 years.  Finally, I realized my mom’s death isn’t something God did to me.  My mom had lived a beautiful life, now it was my turn.  How would I share the love of Christ, how would I allow Him to shine through me.

I love sharing at women’s conferences and I also love taking part in services with men, women and children.  Anytime you get an opportunity to share about God’s word and love in your life is a privilege.  I’m fully aware some people believe women shouldn’t teach or “preach”, but I haven’t personally run into much opposition.  When God opens a door, he prepares the way.

BOOM!: You spent 20 years at WSFA sharing news with the River Region Community and now you’re returning to the media world as the new Director of Media Ministries at Frazer Church. Can you describe your new position and what led you to reconnect with media again?

Kim: What a joy to be on staff at Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church!  This has been my church home for 24 years.  As Director of Media Ministries, I will work to use every channel of communication here at Frazer to effectively share the love of Christ.  The goal is to weave all avenues of communication together—the television ministry, social websites, church magazine, bulletin and blogs—to reach all generations.  As I told our staff at our first meeting—I hope you know this is fun!  If you have an ounce of creativity and you’re a Christian, what a dream job to be asked to find concise, compelling and creative ways of sharing Christ!

What I’ve missed most about working in the media is the personal stories of difficulties and triumph.  At WSFA-12-News, I had the privilege of walking into someone’s life at their highest or lowest.  That’s typically what a news story is when you think about it—and that’s powerful.  Now I get to do that again with the focus on faith!

BOOM!: Many Boomers are experiencing a renewed sense of purpose, new goals, new careers, especially if they’ve experienced the empty nest syndrome of their kids moving on. How would you describe this sense of renewal in your life? Any advice for the rest of us seeking renewal?

Kim: I love that renewal can come at anytime.  Everyday offers a new opportunity to begin again.  Many couples my age are experiencing the empty nest, but Scott and I started things a little later than most, so we have a soon to be 14 year old at home!  We are still in the heart of parenting and working, going to after school activities and driving young teens to and fro—this will either keep you young or wear you out!  We love where we are and feel blessed to be parents.  As “more mature” parents, perhaps we cherish every moment a  bit more than some, realizing this is so fleeting and such a heavy responsibility—a gift really.  God blessed us with this amazing girl who’s growing into a beautiful young lady who loves her Lord, I pray with His guidance we do all we can in these short years we have her at home, to show her the way.

I shared a message recently called, “Why am I still here?”  Whether you’re asking that in your golden years or in the midst of a struggle, you are seeking renewal.  You’ll find it as you continue to feed his sheep.  If you truly love Jesus as Peter said three times in John 21: 15-17 and each time Jesus answered, “Feed my sheep”, then you’re still here to do the same.  Keep serving Jesus the best way you know how, stay in fellowship with others and you’ll find renewal.

BOOM!: What are you most passionate about?

Kim: I’m most passionate about sharing God’s love and promises and spending time with family and friends.  Our family as a whole also loves going to sporting events.  We’re passionate about our Saint James Trojans, Texas Longhorns, Auburn Tigers and travel volleyball!

BOOM!: How do you like to relax and wind down from a hard day’s work?

Kim: When I get a chance to wind down, I enjoy going for a walk/run—I tend to do interval training out of necessity—short run, longer walk, short run, longer walk.  Anytime my family can grab dinner and a movie together is also a great way to close out a long, busy week.

BOOM!: Favorite vacation spot?  Any travel dreams planned for the future?

Kim: Our favorite family vacation to date is the Disney Cruise!  We’ve been on two, first with our family of three, and then the next year with Scott’s side of the family—grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins—such a great time.   A trip to Chicago several years ago to the American Girl Store and to see Wicked stands out and now we’re planning to hit the Big Apple next spring break with friends!  We also love getting away to the beach or the lake and visiting family in Texas.

BOOM!: Do you have time to be involved in community, civic or other activities?

Kim: I stay involved in community and civic activities.  I’ve served as the spokesperson for HBDA (Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders of Alabama) and recently took part in the organization’s Iron Chef fundraiser (winning by the way with John Ed Mathison as my partner!).  I serve on the Distinguished Young Women Advisory Board and have been active with Magic Moments.  In the past, I’ve worked many hours with the Children’s Miracle Broadcast and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

BOOM!: Do you have a favorite book/scripture of the Bible? Why?

Kim: My life verse is Jeremiah 29:11: “I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans not to harm but to prosper, plans for a hope and a future.”  This is the verse that stood out to me most as I found healing over losing my mom and now the words speak to me in all circumstances.  No matter what’s going on in your life, trust God is at work and it’s for good!

BOOM!: Every spouse plays an important role in a Christian’s life; would you please describe your husband’s role in yours?

Boom-Cover-Kim-mission-tripKim: My husband is supportive in my ministry—either by helping with caring for Annie or by being there to help with the work.  He’s done this through my career in television; as a Development Director at Saint James School and now here at Frazer UMC.  I ask for his prayers in all things and he often advises me on various projects as well—it’s good to have someone in your life who also believes and wants to make a difference.


BOOM!: What is it about living in the Montgomery/River Region area that you like?

Kim: I love that Montgomery is centrally located between many beautiful vacation spots.  Whether you want the beach or the mountains, they’re both a short drive away.  The energy of a capital city is also something that adds to any person’s way of life.  The Alabama Shakespeare Festival is one of the main attractions that led to me accepting a job here 24 years ago.  When I flew in for a job interview at WSFA, the management took me to a play at Shakespeare—I remember how beautiful it looked at night and the quality of the performance—then and every time I’ve visited!

BOOM!: As you’ve aged, how have your ambitions changed?

Kim: As I’ve gotten older, success is more about family, service and living within God’s will,  rather than “me”.  When I moved here in 1990 at the age of 27, I thought I would stay here 2 years and move back to Texas.  I also thought as most journalists do, that I would keep climbing to larger markets, bigger cities.  Then you realize it’s possible to build a nice life outside of work in a market the size of Montgomery.  Many larger stations control your life—you have no or very little say about spending time with family.  Success is waking up knowing you’re living within God’s will for your life and the peace that comes with it.  It’s not about the money and the things. 

BOOM!: Give us three words that describe you?

Kim: Gracious, devoted and fun loving

BOOM!: Do you have any hobbies or other activities that grab your attention?

Kim: My “hobbies” all tend to fall under ministry.  I write a monthly column for River Region Journey and I host a weekend program on Faith Radio called “Shine”.  Both of these opportunities allow me to write which I really enjoy.

BOOM!: What future challenges do you have as a Christian leader?

Kim: My future challenges as a Christian leader is finding a way to reach all generations for Christ.  The idea of coming to church isn’t something that sits well with our younger generations.  Plus technology is providing new avenues of catching a message or a sermon.  I really look at these as opportunities rather than challenges.

BOOM!:  Some of our readers resist new technology while others embrace it for its value, how would you describe the value of technology in your life and work?

Kim: I’ve learned to embrace technology in my life although I don’t have a firm grasp on everything that’s out there today.  I’m thankful to work with many talented people who stay engaged in all that’s new in terms of social media and I will watch and learn.  The MacBook has become my friend and I enjoy iMovie, using this to edit a championship volleyball video for Annie’s team this past year.  The excitement in learning what’s out there can only lead to new ways to communicate and share life changing messages of hope and love.

BOOM!: Is there a special approach to sharing the Gospel with women over 50?

Kim: I think putting yourself in someone’s shoes is one of the best ways to share the gospel.  Now that I’m 51 I better understand what this age group experiences on a daily basis while never forgetting all I felt as a teen or a newly married woman, then a mom, etc..

I have close friends ranging from the mid-20’s to the 90’s, and God speaks to me through each of them.  Sharing in each other’s lives allows us to share the word in a way that hopefully connects with all ages.

BOOM!: Kim, if you weren’t in the ministry what kind of work would you enjoy doing?

Kim: If I weren’t in the ministry, I would be a professional tennis player—okay that’s the dream.  Honestly if I weren’t doing what I’m doing today, I could see myself being an author, possibly a script writer—and who knows, that could still happen one day.  The tennis thing-not so much.


If you have any questions for Kim you can reach her at or call 334.272.8622. You can also learn more at Thanks to Kim Bethea from The Studio @ Eastchase for her professional cover photos. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please send them to

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