What Are the Top 3 Estate Planning Documents Everyone Needs?

You shouldn’t assume that your family will “take care” of everything after you’re gone.  Estate planning isn’t just about divvying up your stuff after death—it’s also about managing your affairs while you’re alive, but unable to manage them yourself. Most people envision that they will die in the ordinary way, if there is such a […]

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Love Story

Written By Cindy Hval   During the 1940s and ‘50s many lasting love stories began in a roller rink. That’s just what happened to Harold “Tom” Tucker and his bride, Shirley. “I was a sailor stationed at Farragut,” Tom said. “I got liberty and came into Spokane to roller skate.” It was spring 1944 and […]

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A Question and Answer Session with Dr. Michael Bowman

This month we’ll answer a few questions that we hear frequently at River Region Facial Plastics (RRFP)   Q: I’ve been thinking about getting Botox, but I’ve never had it before…what can I expect? A: Botox® Cosmetic is a neuromodulator, which is a class of medicines that includes Dysport® and Xeomin®.  It is our most […]

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How are older workers faring the job market?

Working longer is a mantra these days for many Americans hoping to build greater retirement security. Staying on the job even a few years beyond traditional retirement age makes it easier to delay filing for Social Security; it also can mean more years contributing to retirement accounts and fewer years of depending on nest eggs […]

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Mental Acuity

Many people know that a combination of a healthy diet and routine exercise is the best way to maintain their physical health. But what about mental well-being? Memory lapses are often assumed to be an accepted side effect of aging, but such an assumption is incorrect, as there are many steps men and women can […]

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Geezer Forum

Written by Erica Curless   When it comes to physicians, patients have to remember one thing: Doctors are human, too. That was the advice from retired physician Jim Arthurs during a gathering of the popular Geezer Forum recently in Sandpoint. Nearly 60 people, mostly in the 60-plus crowd, attended Arthurs’ talk on “How Doctors Think.” […]

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DATING Coach: Is religion an issue for a 50-plus relationship?

Dear Lisa, How much should a common religion factor into identifying and ensuring a long term relationship? (After all, one’s religion lasts a lifetime and can also be community-involvement that fosters an LTR (long term relationship), right?) _Fred   Fred, I’m so happy to hear from a male member of our community. You ask a […]

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Bucket List Adventure: West Baden Springs Hotel

Written by Kathy Witt   When you round the bend in the road and spy the massive, magnificent dome partially encircled by towers you’ll feel you must be in Europe, but you’re in Hoosier National Forest in West Baden, Ind. And you’re eyeing what was once called the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” West Baden […]

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Nursing Home meets Technology :-)

By Stacey Burling Flower-arranging class at Barclay Friends, a West Chester nursing home with expansive gardens, was winding down when horticulturist Cheryl Bjornson pulled out her newest tool: a computer system called Linked Senior. It’s loaded with activities meant to appeal to audiences like Bjornson’s, 13 quiet, aged ladies with small vases of zinnias before […]

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How Sex Boosts Your Brain Function…

New research shows it can improve your longterm memory, slow down aging, reduce anxiety & more. If you’re reading this, you’re likely old enough to know – and even appreciate! – something you may not have known when you were 20: The most important sexual organ human beings have is not located between their legs; […]

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Cover Profile: Thomas Hinds Maestro & Daddy

This month’s BOOM! profile is Thomas Hinds. You know him as the Maestro and conductor of the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra (MSO). Thomas has been presenting lively music to audiences in the River Region for 31 years. In fact, Broadway Under The Stars and the Jubilee Pops Concert, are two of the best attended concerts of […]

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Cover Profile: Susie Wilson, the MANE thing!

This month’s BOOM! profile is Susie Wilson. She is one of the leaders at the non-profit organization called MANE, where horses provide therapy for children and adults who have physical, cognitive, and developmental disabilities. The River Region is blessed to have someone like Susie leading this effort. She is both determined and enthusiastic in serving […]

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Cover Profile: David Barranco, Family Man

This month’s BOOM! profile is David Barranco of Chappy’s Deli. David has probably served you breakfast lunch or dinner at one of the Chappy’s locations in Central Alabama because he loves to interact with his customers and listen to their stories. That’s one of the reasons we wanted to profile David, because we thought our […]

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Cover Profile: Kim Hendrix

Kim Hendrix, Media, Ministry, Mama This month’s BOOM! profile is Kim Hendrix. Kim has now joined the 50+ Community but she shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, she has just taken on a new challenge as the Director of Media Ministries at her church, Frazer Memorial UMC. Her years in the media spotlight […]

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