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By Richard Tribou


It’s kind of like having a grandparent still. Bob Barker will always be my favorite game-show host, and December 12 was his 91st birthday.

The former host of “The Price Is Right,” which was well watched by me on summer breaks and in college dorm rooms, passed on the gig to Drew Carey in 2007. He made an appearance on the show when he was 90 one year ago, which was well received by his legion of fans.

He also has one of the best scenes in “Happy Gilmore,” punching Adam Sandler in the face repeatedly.

His true love though is animals. When host of the show he constantly reminded the viewers to be sure to keep the pet population down by spaying and neutering their dogs and cats, a message Carey still delivers at the end of each show.

Nowadays, he’s opened his checkbook up to animal groups including a $500,000 donation to Animal Defenders International to help the government in Peru enforce a ban on wild animals in circuses.

The group says the donation will fund the “lion’s share” of the mission, which has to date removed among other animals from traveling circuses 30 African lions, which will be moved to a sanctuary in Colorado. The money goes to fund quarantine facilities and veterinarian care before the trip to the U.S. as well as cover some of the transportation costs.

“I am delighted and honored to be able to play a part in this important rescue mission. Circus animals suffer terribly and, thanks to ADI, Peru’s wild circus animals are being freed from their cages and chains and have a brighter future ahead of them,” Barker said.

Peru is now one of 28 countries with restrictions on performing animals in traveling circuses.

“It is the U.S.’ shame that such acts are still permitted here,” Barker added.

Barker had previously donated $2 million to the group in 2011 in an effort to rescue circus lions and other animals in Bolivia. He’s also donated $5 million to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for a ship (named the Bob Barker) used in intervention in whaling activities and also $2.5 million to PETA to help renovate the group’s Los Angeles headquarters, which is now known as the Bob Barker Building.

“Bob Barker is truly a hero for the animals, all over the world,” said ADI President Jan Creamer.


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